As a teenager, I was asked:

-“If you were a book, what would you be?”

-“A Science outreaching one”, I answered without hesitation.

For me, research and outreach go hand in hand, so I decided to incorporate this aspect into my professional career a long time ago. 

Actually, I consider myself a dilettante, a hobbyist who has been lucky enough to be involved in incredible projects.

En ruta con la ciencia

Currently, I present the Aragón TV program “En Ruta con la Ciencia”, with already six years of history, almost 200 programs, and more than 500 interviews carried out. We have been able to learn about research carried out in Aragon in the most varied fields, from particle physics and the cosmos to biomedicine and health sciences, through paleontology, social sciences, and even the humanities.



I also give talks in schools, associations and even in bars. In them, I tell my experience at the South Pole and as a presenter on TV; I talk about my research on low temperatures or about the number Pi; I also encourage the public to reflect on “The greatest idea ever hit by Humankind”… If you want to know about any of these topics or do not hesitate to contact me!