Carlos Pobes

I am a Physicist, science communicator, and lover of sports and adventure.

I began my research in the field of neutrinos and dark matter.

These are fascinating topics, which are generally investigated in somewhat exotic places, such as underground laboratories, tropical islands, or even the South Pole, where I was lucky enough to take care of the largest neutrino telescope for a whole year.

Discover here this and other adventures!

Polar experience

For a year, between November 2011 and November 2012, just 100 years after the race between Amundsen and Scott, I lived an incredible experience at the South Pole. There, at the station now called Amundsen-Scott, I was in charge of the world’s largest neutrino telescope, IceCube. My experiences and the day-to-day at the station are collected in this blog.

En ruta con la ciencia

Since its inception in 2015, I present “En Ruta con la Ciencia” on Aragón TV. This scientific program, a reference for the communication of Science in Aragon, has received several awards in national contests and has reached almost 200 chapters in which we have interviewed more than 500 researchers from our community.


Outreach and talks

Are you interested in learning about the experience at the South Pole, my research on low temperatures, the curiosities of the Pi number, or reflecting on “The greatest idea ever hit by Humankind”? Schools and institutes, cultural and astronomical associations, and even bars, already know the experience. Do not hesitate to contact me!

Blog about my Winter Over experience

Life in the base

Polo Sur

Aunque Google no ha cartografiado el Polo Sur, sí podemos disfrutar de algunas imágenes desde




Vídeos de la Base

Recopilación de vídeos describiendo el interior de la base. Introducción: Terraza: Gimnasio: Cancha y sala de música: Sala de Juegos: Comedor: Taquilla: B2 y IceCube:

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Llevamos un par de días con un tiempo excepcional aquí en el Polo. Ambiente realmente primaveral, aunque aún hay que tener cuidado con las temperaturas.

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