Airdrop – Emergency drop of material from a plane.
ARO – Atmospheric Research Observatory.
B2– Our working area in the station.
Basler– Small plane for skiers and tourists.
Brunch – Breakfast/Lunch on Sundays.
Cargo – Staff and department in charge of ‘cargo’
Clean Sector – Area of the ARO.
COMMS – Communications room at the station.
DA –Destination Alpha. Main station entrance.
Dark Sector – Station area where Telescopes and IceCube are placed.
DZ – Destination Zulu. Service entrance of the station.
DOM – Digital Optical Module of IceCube
ICL – IceCube Laboratory.
IT – Informatics and Telecommunications department and staff.
LC130– Hercules plane flying people and cargo to the Pole.
Quiet Sector – Seismic measurements area of the station.
SPT – South Pole Telescope.
Twinotter– Small plane flying skiers and tourists usually from Union Glacier.
Union Glacier– Operational base of tourists’ companies in Antartica near Mount Vinson.
VMF – Vehicle Maintenance Facility.