Dia de accion de gracias

My first Thanksgiving. I had seen pictures and heared about celebrations at Pole, but it’s not the same to live it from inside. One starts the day before preparing pies, etc. In the morning, I volunteered for turkey carving and then dinner is server in three turns, since we are about 200. I was in the second sitting. We started with some appetizers at 5h and dinner at 5h30. At 6h30 you prepare the tables for the next sitting. I was serving the wine and deserts. It is fun to serve who were serving you before. It is a very familiar atmosphere.
Afterwards, music in the galley and around 22h30 party in the summer camp, dancing until late in the ‘night’. I didn’t stay too long since i was primary for the experiment and I could have alarms at any time, but it was really fun. By the way, the station has been really calm these days, not alarms at all.
On sunday, apart from the usual science talk, a pool tournament. It was a quiet day after the party on saturday.


Qué buen ambiente se aprecia!! Uno no tiene la ocasion de celebrar este dia tan singular muy a menudo y nos alegra saber que para las celebraciones tambien lo teneis todo “ready”. No todo ha de ser trabajo, alarmas y stress. Un abrazo y animo.


    estuvo bien poder desconectar un poco. 🙂


¡Qué buena pinta la comida y el ambiente!. Me hacía a la idea de un ambiente más parecido a los barracones militares, no sé por qué, pero vamos, nothing to do!.


    si, uno se lo imagina de otra manera.

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