Mi primera hora

Already one hour here, doesn’t time fly? If the full ‘day’ is going to be like this, it’s going to be tough. But this is a fascinating place.

I like sitting in the dinning room and look through the window to the frozen ocean which extends where the sight can’t reach.
I like how the landscape changes its color as the sun scrutinizes each corner as a tireless sentinel. It amazes me the variety of whites, even whites which are not white.
I like the halos made by the Sun and its countercurrent movement.
I like the sparkles of tiny ice crystals in the air.
I like the hollow sound of the snow when I walk and its feel: it is dry and light as cork.
i like when there is no wind t feel the invisible massage of cold in my face and how the hairs in my nose freeze with every breath.
I like running on the snow.
I like the complicity with people and building human chains to bring cargo into the station.
I like every corner of the station, and the experiments, and learning something every ‘minute’.
I like eating cookies or ice cream at any time.

I don’t like the radio when it calls at untimely hours.
I don’t like the smoke of the ski mobiles.
I don’t like when the goggles get foggy.
I don’t like having 4 minutes of shower a week.
I don’t like when the satellite goes down.

But i like to know that no matter how hard it will be, it is going to be worthy.


Precioso resumen de tu primera hora Carlos!!! Un abrazo y animo.


    gracias, me alegro de que te haya gustado.


Hemos visto tus fotos en clase y estamos leyendo todas las cosas que te ocurren. Nos encanta tener noticias tuyas y ver que vamos aprender muchas cosas del polo sur y menos temas aburridos del libro. Un abrazo grande.


    Ana, me alegro, un saludo a toda tu clase desde el Polo Sur!

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