El Sol II

The other day I discovered something amazing. It is a well known fact, but i haven’t thought of it before. I was in the computers room of icecube (in the Station) and the sun started to enter through the window. It was 22h, but the fanny thing was that it was moving in the ‘wrong’ direction! It is normal in the south hemisphere, the sun moves from right to left, but it appeared to me at that moment a very magical thing.
On the other hand I had been wondering where was the direction were Europe was placed till I realized that if I look to the Sun when it is noon in Spain (solar noon) it points exactly home! That was very interesting.
Besides, the sun is a perfect (or almost) clock here. The shadow of the Pole marker spins like the niddle of a clock, but in anticlockwise direction. It would be fun to have a solar clock here.
There are plenty of funny things related to the fact that we are standing at the rotation axis of the Earth. We will be discovering them!

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